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The feeling when your team delivers results that previously felt impossible

The commitment, creativity and willingness to develop together of your colleagues, is what creates the right conditions for greatness.

Develop your work team further – it’s always a good investment.

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“Since we started our collaboration with Peppe, our entire sales organization has marched in the same direction and worked together towards common goals.”

Jacob Nilsson
CEO Axjo Group



“We needed to restructure the entire organization as a result of the pandemic when the influx of new customers decreased. Peppe managed to get my colleagues to think more like salespeople, which became vital for our survival. The growth was successful and in addition, we were awarded Gazell company of the year by Dagens Industry two years in a row.”

Maria Bergholtz
CEO Insight Competence



“During the fall of 2022, I took the sales team to Italy for a training session with Peppe. The training not only provided good cohesion where we really got to know each other – it also contributed to record results in B2B sales in 2023! Despite a very tough year for Gröna Lund as a whole , B2B sales increased by over 25%. Many thanks Peppe for nice and rewarding days with you!”

Malin Tikkakoski
Sales & Partnersships Manager
Gröna Lund

For everyone who wants to create fantastic work teams

Peppe Ekmark turned Sweden’s worst sales team into Sweden’s best in just one year. His team did not miss a single quarterly goal in six years, growing over 300% when competitors in the industry were stagnant.

Leadership training for your company

For management teams, work teams or entire smaller companies. You will learn to use tools that create more engagement among your employees, guaranteed. The focus is both on your personal development and how you influence the group. You look inward to discover underlying obstacles and competencies you weren’t aware of.

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Sales training for your company

When you want to develop your sales team, either on site at your place or at our villa in Tuscany. You will learn everything you need to stand out in tough competition, especially in hard times. The result is a concrete and powerful action plan that will help you reach your goals.

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This is Peppe

Peppe stands for very personal training methods that touch deeply, with an approach that lifts leaders and work teams to new levels. With solid experience from 40 years in business, he has challenged many and changed the way they think. When Peppe is not training companies, he writes books and provides personal coaching. He is also a valued lecturer who touches and inspires, both at companies and on public stages. In 2021, he performed the show “PeppTALK” in Stockholm for 800 inspired visitors. Peppe’s success comes from the ability to combine thoughtfulness, knowledge, experience and commitment so all participants feel important.

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Book your next trip for a workshop or kick-off event

When you want to increase the engagement of your staff, do something extra with the management team or plan a company event or reward trip. You get a destination customized for your business at our villa in Tuscany, where we welcome groups of 4 to 16 people in size. Contact us and with your wishes and we’ll find the best arrangement for you.