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Customised leadership training

On site at your company or at the Tuscan villa

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“Your workshop was truly insanely inspiring on so many levels. I actually used the words “a life-changing trip” to a picture in one of my posts on Instagram, which I think somehow sums up my (and the group’s) overall impression. I can only say THANK YOU! I will certainly recommend this to everyone. So valuable!”

Patrik Andrén

When everyone is moving in the same direction

It is and always will be the commitment, creativity and willingness to develop of your colleagues, that creates the best conditions for long-term sustainable growth. Creating a successful team – whether it’s a management team, the board of directors or a work group – is always money well invested.

Leadership training for your company

The leadership courses provide you with the prerequisites necessary to work together without friction. When you all move in the same direction and focus on what’s important, you bring the work and the company forward. Increased commitment and greater job satisfaction results in increased turnover and better profit. Guaranteed.

During the course, we do unique exercises that give your participants insights and tools for even better collaboration, which means that your employees genuinely want to be involved and contribute in their own way. The training is based on my leadership book “Leading good or leading great – 8 steps that will help you find the key to both your and your employees’ hearts”, which was nominated for HR book of the year by Sweden’s HR association.

This is what the program could look like for your 2-day leadership training

The leadership training is preceded by interviews with your participants. Then we perform the two training days where I guide your group through the program. Time and time again, the training has proved good results at the companies that have implemented it.

At the end of the first day, we have dinner together to discuss and reflect on the day’s content. After the training is completed, your participants will realize what needs to be done for the company to take the next step. The content of the 2-day training is divided into four sessions.

Day 1 - session 1

An insightful lecture on how you create a successful work team
This session is about how you get a work team to go from delivering well, to delivering results that you didn’t even think were possible in such a short time. Here you will learn how to create a committed team that does everything to achieve your set goals together. This is backed up with concrete suggestions combined with experiences and examples from real life.

Day 1 - session 2

Eight steps that make you realize what it takes to create success
This session includes the steps which helps you create more successful work teams. We go through what makes you want to do the extra that is required to become focused, motivated and once and for all let go of all obstacles – the ones that prevent you from delivering at your peak. The session is based on Peppe’s book “Lead good or lead great – 8 steps that help you find the key to both your and your employees’ hearts” which was nominated for HR book of the year 2021.

Day 2 - session 3

Exercises with insights into how we function and gain a better understanding of ourselves and our colleagues
In this session, you do exercises that make you understand why you don’t always reach your goals. Once you realize why, you can make the necessary changes and basically achieve any goal you want. It is here that you begin to realize that you have to make changes and when everyone becomes involved, you will want to take the next step and you will want to cooperate even better.

Day 2 - session 4

Introduction to the online training course
As we near the end of the second day, we go through the online training part of the leadership program, which all participants will get access to for 12 months. It is based on the eight steps and each module include videos, reading material, real life examples, exercises and a partial test. Repetition is the mother of knowledge. Therefore, participants will continue to exercise for 12 months and this way, the behavioral change required to create completely new conditions for the future is formed.

Your online courses

Find out more about the online courses available to all your participants, free of charge for 12 months after your training session.

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Alternative 1

Leadership training onsite at your company

This is included in the leadership training:

  • In-depth interviews with some of the participants to customise the training to your needs
  • One to three days of training depending on your preference
  • Free access to Peppe’s online leadership course for 12 months
  • Four follow-up meetings to ensure that everything is done as agreed in the training
  • Individual certificates after completed online course
Alternative 2

Leadership training at the Tuscan villa

As alternative 1, with these additions:

  • Free accommodation for up to 16 participants
  • Yoga studio
  • Swimming pool
  • Hikes in the nearby nature
  • Vineyard visit (as preferred)
  • Restaurant visit (as preferred)
  • Dinner with private chef in the villa (as preferred)
  • Visit to the town of Lucca (as preferred)
  • Beach visit (as preferred)
  • Return transfer Pisa airport (as preferred)

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