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Give your employees new knowledge with lectures that inspire and provide insight

“Thank you Peppe, your lecture delivered beyond all expectations. It was fun, challenging, surprising and a little sad. You really put yourself out there while sharing useful insights that everyone needed to hear. We were all so pleased and wanted you to talk even longer. We will recommend you to anyone who wants a Pepp talk!”

Sara Pontander

Book Peppe’s new popular lecture “The art of daring to be yourself – or everything will go to hell”

The lecture that stops you, your colleagues and friends from playing charades – and become more honest, loving and kind to each other.

Gain insights to help yourself get more involved and contribute to a better life, both at work and at home. After this lecture, you will start respecting each other and cooperate in new ways, meaning more joy and gratitude – which in turn leads to magical results.

Peppe’s story is as captivating as it is inspiring. He receives rave reviews as he takes audiences on an unexpected personal journey based on his philosophy of life; what it is that allows us to meet in the best way and succeed in our goals. Peppe’s commitment and passion help others to improve, gain confidence and achieve new results.

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