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Customised sales training

Onsite at your company or at the Tuscan villa

Stay for free when booking your training in the Tuscan villa!

“Thank you for an absolutely fantastic education! With your stories, insights and your individual approach, you inspire people in a way I have not seen before. If we follow your clear advice and adopt the “mind set” you advocate, we will surely succeed as salespeople and leaders. I sincerely hope that many others get the chance to experience you Peppe!”

Robert Olkinuora

You either work with development or you work with liquidation

Unfortunately, there is nothing in between. This applies not only to the company’s products but also to the sales department. It is and will always be the salespeople’s commitment, creativity and willingness to develop that creates the best conditions for increased sales.

Constantly developing the salespeople and building a stronger sales department will therefore always be money well invested.

Peppe Ekmark’s sales training

Peppe has successfully created sales training that is guaranteed to take the company and the sales department to a whole new level, a level that is a prerequisite for being able to work together completely without friction, where everyone can focus on what is important to take the work and the company forward. The gain is, in addition to better work results and job satisfaction, an increased turnover and better profit. Guaranteed.

Invest in time with Peppe and create better results than ever before. Peppe gives you insights and tools and guarantees that you will create even better collaboration in the sales department, so all salespeople genuinely want to be involved and contribute in their own way.

This is what the program could look like for your 2-day sales training

The sales training always begins with in-depth interviews with some of your participants in order to adapt the training to your needs. Then we meet for two days and I’ll guide your group through a carefully prepared program that is proven to produce good results. Since everyone is in the same place after the first day, we have dinner together and continue to discuss the content of the day.

After the training, all your participants will know what needs to be done to take the sales to the next level.

Day 1 - session 1

Introductory inspirational lecture on communication and sales
The lecture is about how you, through your own actions, can create basically whatever business you want. If you just understand how we humans work. When you do that you will easily understand how your customers act and react. You will gain insights that make you understand what sales is really all about.

Day 1 - session 2

Ten steps to sales success
We go through the ten steps that will ensure that you create more business in the future. You get solid advice, tips and tools for each step. After this session, all salespeople will realise what they need to practice more in order to increase their results. Then we produce concrete suggestions and measures, depending on which steps are most relevant for you. We ensure that you practice them through the online course, which you all will get access to afterwards. This session is really informative with many aha-experiences.

Day 2 - session 3

An insightful lecture on how you create a successful work team
This lecture is about how you get your sales organisation to go from performing well, to delivering results that you didn’t think were possible in a short time. You will learn how you create a committed sales team that does everything to reach their set goals together.

Day 2 - session 4

Eight steps that make you realise what it takes to create a successful sales team
In this session, we go through what it takes to create a more successful sales team. Step by step, we go through what makes humans wanting to do that extra thing that is needed. To get focused, motivated and once and for all release the obstacles preventing you from delivering at peak. There will be many exercises that create insights and make you understand why you don’t always reach your goals. Once you do, you can make the change necessary to achieve basically any goal you want.

Day 2 - session 5

Introduction to the online sales course
As we near the end of the second day, we go through the online part of the sales program, which all participants will get access to for 12 months. It is based on the ten sales steps and each module include videos, reading material, real life examples, exercises and a partial test.

Repetition is the mother of knowledge. Therefore, participants will continue to practice for 12 months and this way, the behavioural change required to create completely new conditions for the future is formed.

Your online courses

Find out more about the online courses available to all your participants, free of charge for 12 months after your training session.

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Alternative 1

Sales training onsite at your company

This is included in the sales training:

  • In-depth interviews with some of the participants to customise the training to your needs
  • One to three days of training depending on your preference
  • Free access to Peppe’s online sales course for 12 months
  • Four follow-up meetings to ensure that everything is done as agreed in the training
  • Individual certificates after completed online course
Alternative 2

Sales training at the Tuscan villa

As alternative 1, with these additions:

  • Free accommodation for up to 16 participants
  • Yoga studio
  • Swimming pool
  • Hikes in the nearby nature
  • Vineyard visit (as preferred)
  • Restaurant visit (as preferred)
  • Dinner with private chef in the villa (as preferred)
  • Visit to the town of Lucca (as preferred)
  • Beach visit (as preferred)
  • Return transfer Pisa airport (as preferred)

Download PDFs with information on customised sales training